Two Myths & One Fact About Bed Bugs

If your organization has beds, chairs, desks, sofas or just about any other type of commercial furniture or contract furniture, you’ve more than likely experienced bed bugs. These nasty pests sneak into all types of facilities and wreak havoc on guests, patients, students, and the maintenance crews that have to deal with them.

Once they’ve got a foothold in your facility, it takes time and resources to eradicate bed bugs. And as an industry leader in commercial-grade furniture for a variety of applications, we’ve heard quite a few myths over the years about how to best prevent them.

It’s time to separate fact from fiction, so read on to learn about a couple of myths and one important fact that will help your organization stay a step ahead of these pesky critters.

Myth: Bed Bugs Chew Through Wood Furniture

Not to be confused with termites, carpenter ants or bark beetles, bed bugs do not eat or bore into wood. In fact, the only thing they do feed on is blood. This means that eliminating wood furniture from your facility will not eliminate bed bugs.

According to pest-control industry leader Terminex, bed bugs don’t eat or burrow into wood. Instead, they look for cracks, crevices and other hiding places from which to strike their human targets. In some cases they’ve been known to avoid furnishings altogether and hide behind baseboards, electrical switch plates and recesses within built-in cabinetry instead.

Myth: Inorganic Materials & Furnishings Prevent Bed Bugs

Making the switch to molded furniture, or furnishings constructed from other types of inorganic material, won’t prevent bed bug infestations. In fact, the experts at Terminex report that bed bugs can live in any type of furniture material.

This means that stainless steel, vinyl, plastic and even high-tech polymers won’t eliminate the cracks and crevices where bed bugs congregate and reproduce. And as noted above, molded furniture won’t prevent bed bugs from hiding behind baseboards, switch plates and other hard-to-see areas.

Fact: Preventing Bed Bugs Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated or Expensive

Thanks to our sister company, Blockhouse Barrier Systems, we not only help organizations defeat bed bugs, but we deliver an affordable and effective system that shields facilities from infestation in the first place. Best of all, this affordable solution works with a single application and provides 24/7/365 protection.

The Blockhouse Barrier Systems product line includes mattress covers, kill strips, and a variety of treatment options that stop bed bugs dead in their tracks. Also, their innovative Kiltronix powder is a pesticide alternative that’s perfect for attics, pipe chases and other hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs can hide.

In a nutshell, it’s a complete tool kit for keeping your organization free of infestation. And best of all, their system is simple, affordable and incredibly effective. Since bed bugs travel on people and in luggage, a smart prevention strategy is key to keeping your facility free from these pests.

Ready to Learn More?

Click over to the Blockhouse Barrier Systems website to learn more and order bed bug control products online. And if you’ve got questions about how Blockhouse commercial-grade furniture products can help keep your facility bed bug free, please contact us today. We’re happy to help you develop a strategy to keep these nasty pests at bay and keep your facility bed bug free.